Peter Beshai

PhD Student

Research Interest

My primary research interest is in the field of human-computer interaction with a focus on empowering people to better understand their health by providing simplified applications for personal data tracking and self-experimentation. During my master's degree, I worked on developing educational technology to be used to improve the classroom experience for both students and lecturers.


Teaching Experience

I began TAing as an undergrad at the University of Waterloo working for the Instructional Support Group on a co-op term. I continued there part-time throughout the rest of my undergraduate degree. Now I'm TAing at UBC as a regular graduate student teaching assistant. In June 2013, I completed the Instructional Skills Workshop at the Center for Teaching, Learning and Technology.

University of British Columbia

I worked as a graduate teaching assistant for the following courses at UBC:

University of Waterloo

I worked as an undergraduate teaching assistant for the following courses at UW:

Conference Experience

  • STEM 2014, Vancouver, Canada. Student Volunteer.
  • GRAND NCE AGM 2014, Ottawa, Canada. RNote Presenter. Best RNote Presentation Award.
  • CHI 2014, Toronto, Canada. Student Attendee/Exhibitor at the GRAND NCE Booth.
  • CompArch 2013, Vancouver, Canada. I coordinated and led the use of an initial version of Rhombus Participation System during a keynote speech by Peter Danielson.
  • CHI 2013, Paris, France. Student Attendee.

Other Interests

I ride a Surly Cross-Check.

I'm a big Toronto Raptors fan. One of the few in Vancouver.

I enjoy rock climbing and particularly like bouldering.

I like to play music. In 2010-2011, I was in a band called Dashing and we produced a 6-track EP called Hello Cosmonaut.

I like hiking. My favourite hike around Vancouver is the Chief in Squamish.

I also really like to travel. Notably, I spent 4 months traveling India, and 4 weeks traveling China.